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Scrambled Eggs 2 – Vinyl LP

Scrambled Eggs 2 – Vinyl LP
Remulak ‎– Scrambled Eggs 2 – Vinyl LP


A superb instrumental hip-hop/beats album by the producer Remulak. 

White vinyl copy

A1. Welcome To The Show / A2. Rise & Shine / A3. Up Out Yer Seats / A4. Cue The Music / A5. I've Got This / A6. A Bit Woozay / A7. Prepare To Be Dazzled / A8. Get Your Ice Creams / B1. A Load Of Old Pony / B2. Moments Of Hapiness / B3. Trips Glorious Emporium / B4. And For My Next Trick / B5. I've Walked Many Roads / B6. It's Not Over Til It's Over / B7. A Sea Of Empty Chairs