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Resavoir (2023 album) – Vinyl LP

Resavoir (2023 album) – Vinyl LP
Resavoir – Resavoir (2023 album) – Vinyl LP


A contender for one of the best albums of 2023. Resavoir's (a project led by Chicago producer/composer Will Miller and friends) new record is a true delight. Not stuck in one genre the record floats and evolves from ambient, to Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop beat compostions in a relaxed effortless way. A perfect soundtrack for pottering around the house, cooking and chilling, you can simply just drift off to it without any elements / genres becoming too repetitive, but the interest in the tracks always remains and keeps you interested. Highly recommended!!!

Comes in black or Dusk Cloud coloured vinyl.

1. Heavenly / 2. Inside Minds / 3. Sunday Morning / 4. Robot Dreams / 5. Midday / 6. Sunset / 7. First Light / 8. Future / 9. Oh n On / 10. Blutopia / 11. Facets