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Sarathy Korwar

KALAK – Vinyl LP

KALAK – Vinyl LP
Sarathy Korwar – KALAK – Vinyl LP


A wonderful new spiritual album by the drummer, percussionist, composer Sarathy Korwar. 'KALAK' was recorded at Real World studios by the electronic musician, DJ and producer Photay; and is celebration of South Asian culture of music and literature. 

Comes in black or limited dark Green vinyl with alternative cover art options.

A1. A Recipe To Cure Historical Amnesia / A2. To Remember / A3. Utopia Is A Colonial Project / A4. Back In The Day, Things Were Not Always Simpler / A5. The Past Is Not Only Behind Us, But Ahead Of Us / B1. Kal Means Yesterday And Tomorrow / B2. Remember Begum Rokheya / B3. That Clocks Don’t Tell But Make Time / B4. Remember Circles Are Better Than Lines / B5. Remember To Look Out For The Signs / B6. KALAK – A Means To An Unend