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Satyajit Ray

The Adversary (1972) – DVD

The Adversary (1972) – DVD
Satyajit Ray – The Adversary (1972) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Satyajit Ray – The Adversary (1972) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Satyajit Ray – The Adversary (1972) – DVD – Mr Bongo

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A young man newly graduated from college is unable to find meaningful employment, living in a crowded apartment with his widowed mother, a revolutionary brother and a younger, well employed sister. Family frictions and his continuing unsuccessful quest for a job place an unbearable strain on him causing him to hallucinate. The pressure, magnified by the tense and impersonal setting of Calcutta, builds to a devastating conclusion.

The Adversary is another stellar work from director Satyajit Ray, the first in his Calcutta Triology (preceding Company Limited and The Middlemen). Ray again uses film to point to India's greater turmoil and socio-political climate in the 1970s. His gentle directorial touch and use of humour, earned The Adversary three National Indian Awards.

"Ray's mastery, his sure touch, encompassed every possible technical function... His work becomes an inspiration for all time" - Richard Attenborough 

Starring: Dhritiman Chatterjee, Jayshree Roy, Debraj Roy, Krishna Bose. Directed by Satyajit Ray.

Technical: Runtime 110 min. Country India. Language English / Bengali. Subtitles: English / DVD 9. Pal mutli region. Mono. English & Bengali with English subtitles. Rated PG. Video format 4:3. Image format 1;33. Film B&W. 1972.

Licensed from Satyajit Ray Enterprises Ltd.