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Various Artists

Club Coco – Vinyl LP

Club Coco – Vinyl LP
Club Coco – Vinyl LP


A superb compilation curated by Coco María for Bongo Joe Recordings. Selecting the finest outernational Latin and afro rooted nuggets that showcase the sound of Coco María's radio show on Worldwide FM, highly recommended! 

Black or Turquoise White vinyl

A1. Nic Mauskovic – A Big Brain / A2. La Perla – Guayabo / A3. Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento – Bomba Atómica / A4. Graham Mushnik – Octopus Dance / A5. La Redada – Calla Boca / A6. Alex Figueira & A. Bechan – Moerarie Morei Atjara (Version) / B1. Coco Maria – Me Veo Volar / B2. Frente Cumbiero – Cumbia Del Asilo / B3. Les Pythons De La Fournaise – Tout Doux (Bass Version) / B4. Romperayo – El Ritmo De Chico / B5. Malphino –  Ají De Malphino