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Various Artists

Spirit Of France – Vinyl 2LP

Spirit Of France – Vinyl 2LP
Various Artists – Spirit Of France – Vinyl 2LP


A superb collection of French spiritual jazz, deep folk and psychedelia rarities & obscurities from the 70's & 80's curated by Mark Gallagher, Thea Ioannou, & Tom Val for Spiritmuse Records.

Please note the covers have some light wear on these copies and have be reduced in price. 

A1. Rémy Couvez – Rêve de Voyage / A2. L'Empire Des Sons – Quand Nos Pères Étaient Des / A3. Catherine Derain – Les Crocodiles / A4. Sylvain Kassap – Le Dessous Des Berges / A5. Noco Music – Gaal / B1. Workshop De Lyon – Bujumbura Lyon / B2. Jef Gilson – Love Always / C1. André Fertier & Clivag e– Moving Waves / C2. Dynamo – Arabia / C3. Sokoto  Structures Sonores Lasry- Baschet/ D1. Pân-Râ – Loreley / D2. Adjenar Sidhar Khan – Mahabaratha Kali / D3. Ghédalia Tazartès – Il Regalo Della Befana - Part III (extract)