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Willy Nfor

Movements – Vinyl 2-LP

Movements – Vinyl 2-LP
Willy Nfor – Movements – Vinyl 2LP


Ships 7th December

Big release on Temi Kogbe's 'Livinstone Studios' label. A ten-track collection of rare Nigerian Boogie / funk from bass player Willy Nfor. Willy was a member of bands The Mighty Flames , Ghetto Blaster and worked with musicians such as William Onyeabor, Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi and Odion Iruoje.

A1. Boogie Down In Africa / A2. Happiness / A3. Lyndaa / B1. Suneshine / B2. Hustle (From The Jungle) / C1. Do Your Thing / C2. Won't Someone Open / D1. Star Lite ( Let's Go To The Disco) / D2. Lizzy /D3. My Turn (To Love You)