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Wilma Archer

A Western Circular – Vinyl LP

A Western Circular – Vinyl LP
A Western Circular – Vinyl LP


An awesome left-field album with hip hop / jazz / electronic and avant-garde influences from Wilma Archer, featuring collaborations with MF Doom, Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands,), Laura Groves, Sundan Archives and others.

Creamy white vinyl / Limited edition clear vinyl or clear vinyl with a bonus 12" of 'Last Sniff' featuring Doom editions. One of the best albums of 2020 so far, well recommended!!!

A1. Western Circular / A2. Scarecrow / A3. Last Sniff Featuring MF DOOM / A4. Killing Crab / A5. The Boon Featuring Samuel T. Herring / B1. Cheater Featuring Sudan Archives / B2. Cures And Wounds / B3. Decades Featuring Laura Groves And Samuel T. Herring / B4. Ugly Feelings (Again) / B5. Worse Off West / C. Last Sniff / D. Last Sniff (Instrumental)