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Mr Bongo Record Club Episode 11 with guest selector Chris 'Rhythm Doctor'

Chris aka ‘Rhythm Doctor’ has enjoyed a DJ career that has spans a huge 4 decades. Needless to say he has a record collection (and stories!) to match, and we were delighted to welcome him to join us for episode 11.

RD’s break as a DJ came in 1976 when he fused the positive vibrations of Punk Rock with Reggae, Funk and Disco in weekly events at Coventry University.

In 1980 he started a club called the 'Rhythm Clinic', which added live performances from bands including A Certain Ratio and 23 Skidoo.

During the mid 80's the Sunday all-dayer scene was huge in the UK and Rhythm Doctor was regularly spinning Jazz-Funk and Latin alongside the likes of DJ’s Colin Curtis, Baz fe Jazz and Paul Murphy and live acts including Sharron Redd, Mantronix and the first Chicago House tour.

In 1986 Chris moved to London and together with long time friend Jerry Dammers, created the 3A's - The Artists Against Apartheid club in Covent Garden. Guests such as Soul II Soul, Norman Jay, Tim Westwood, Coldcut and the On-U sound system, made this night legendary. At the 3A's RD helped to introduce London to House music and together with the likes of Kid Batchelor, Noel Watson, Eddie Richards, Colin Faver and Jazzy M, was one of the few DJ's championing this new music in the capital.

By 1988 House music had exploded and pirate radio stations were at the forefront of promoting the sound. RD joined Fantasy FM, coming out of London’s East End, and worked with future heroes such as DJ Hype and Mr.C. This East side connection saw RD spinning every week at the infamous Dungeons and later Clink St., plus innumerable massive illegal raves.

In 1990 RD founded 'Feel Real' at the Gardening Club in London, together with Rob Acteson, Femi B, Evil O and MC E-Mix. Almost every major star from the US House music scene performed there - on one night alone the line up was Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Arnold Jarvis, Kevin Saunderson and Inner City LIVE.
An offer of work from Estonia in 1995 was to have a major effect on RD’s life. After being blown away by an amazing warehouse party in the capital Tallinn, he was offered a monthly venue and preceded to bring over many of his friends to perform, including Robert Owens, A Man Called Adam and Basement Jaxx.
In Tallinn in 1997, RD met the love of his life, Anu, married and established Estonia's first monthly independent party ‘Mutant Disco’. Guests have included the likes of DJ Pierre, Joe Claussell, Gilles Peterson, Moodyman, The Bug, Ame & Dixon and Cassio Ware, amongst many others.

1. Osmar Milito & Quarteto Forma - O Bofe
2. Marcos Valle - Democustico
3. Brasil Ritmo - Cho Chua
4. Baby Consuelo - Todo Dia Era
5. Achados & Perdidos - Eu E A Carolina
6. Marcio Lott - Tema de Baby
7. Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Free Education In Nigeria
8. California Flight Project - God Gifted
9. Ichiro Mizuki - Theme
10. Nancy Wilson - Sunshine
11. Jorge Ben - Silencio
12. Herbie Mann & Fire Island - Rhythmatism
13. Benny Golson - Timbale Rock
14. Jean Claude Petit - Congo Rythm
15. Gaylads - Boogaloo
16. Jimmy Forrest - Night Train Mambo
17. Julito Collazo y su Grupo Cubano - Emi Ra Obini Le Wa
18. Stage One - City Dub
19. Bongo, Backra & Coolie - Band 4 Dance Music 2
20. Busters All Stars - Cincinnatti Kid
21. Phil Ranelin & Tribe - Sounds From The Village
22. Lonnie Liston Smith - Say You Love Me (Remix)
23. Ramsey Lewis - Mother Natures Son
24. Junior Pisano & Jacques Chaumont - Kill Them All ft. Doris Troy
25. Cipo & His Authentic Rhythm Group - Implorar
26. Barbara Thompson & Rod Argent - You
27. The Impossible Dreamers - Spin
28. 7 Samurai - Modernization
29. Carol Dionne - Im In Love