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Marcos Valle - Estrelar / Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Alleluia 7", now shipping

Brazil 45, number 30 is Brazilian disco/boogie double featuring Marcos Valle's 'Estrelar' and Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti's 'Alleluia'.

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Valle's almighty ‘Estrelar’, is his most well known disco/boogie track co-written with Leon Ware. Added hints of Yacht Rock too! ‘Estrelar’ is taken from his 1983 self titled LP released on Som Livre.


Two of the masters of the Brazilian Boogie sound joined forces to make a self-titled LP released in 1982 that epitamised the sound of early 80’s Rio de Janeiro. Synths and keys float over razor sharp samba, jazz and 2-step drum grooves backed by huge layers of horns. Production is as shiny, bright and ultra clean as it ever got!

‘Alleluia’ is a mid tempo groover, with rich horns, guitar, synth and vocal lines. An end of the night jam if ever there was one. Released on the LP mentioned above and also on 7” in 1983.

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