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Kit Sebastian 'Mantra Moderne (Deluxe Edition)' - Out Now

In 2019 we released 'Mantra Moderne' - the stunning debut album from Kit Sebastian. The reception it received from the public as well as hard-seasoned critics blew us away - just as the album demo had when it arrived in our inboxes on Boxing day that year. We know this is a very special album and we decided that it was perfectly suited to have its own deluxe edition.

For the deluxe edition we commissioned a set of remixes from Baris K, Halal Cool J, and Natureboy Flako. Alongside the remixes the band also had two previously unreleased tracks from the album sessions. The deluxe edition seemed like a fitting home for them and they round off the release. 


We spoke with Kit Sebastian about the origin of the unreleased tracks: 

Rain (Baran)

"Rain was the second track recorded in our analogue studio, because of this, it has a slightly more primitive rudimentary sound. It was written more or less to test the studio and to learn what sounded good and didn't. It was a hot French hazy July day which we think influenced the sound which is unusually cheery for us."



"Kozmos was written in an in-between period after the 1st album was recorded but not mixed. It was based on a demo that was used for our first video teaser announcing our album, it was really influenced by the soundtracks of Krzysztof Komeda and the music of Rafig Babeyev.

The lyrics are inspired mainly by Tarkovsky's Solaris, by how human beings can find reflection for their hopes and anxieties in space and the unknown."


Download / Stream the album HERE.