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New Mr Bongo Mix - Drift Podcast

We had the pleasure of being asked to compile a mix for the excellent Drift Podcast series. Drift - Om te dansen is a festival based in the Netherlands and as we're into what they do too this was a good fit. 

Listen to the MIX.

Though Mr Bongo is probably best known for Brazilian and African records our DJ sets have always seen us playing an eclectic mix of genres. For the 'Drift Podcast series', we have chosen to steer away from Brazilian and African music in favour of gospel, soul, disco, and funk. To keep things raw and authentic we didn't plan the mix, instead we both turned up with a bag of old records, played things by ear, and recorded the mix live in one take. The selection comprises of recent finds, old favourites, and some re-visited from our collections, we hope you dig!