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Don Leisure

Halal Cool J – Vinyl LP

Halal Cool J – Vinyl LP
Don Leisure – Halal Cool J – Vinyl LP


An amazing release on First World Records from Darkhouse Family's, Don Leisure. Don's 'Halal Cool J' beats concept album is inspired by his love of classic Turkish music. One of the years highlight so far!

A1. Emirgan Sunrise / A2. Only Built 4 Turkish Linx A3. Horse Thieves / A4. 4am In Kadikoy / A5. Turkish Samurai / A6. Mehmet Tarantino / A7. The Eyes Of Izmir/ A8. Live In Ankara 74 / A9. Khazak Honey / B1. Gulum / B2. One For Hamit / B3. Kaymak / B4. Maybe Logic / B5. Borkek Break / B6. Street Cats / B7. Dougs Hop / B8. Buyakada