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Moonlit Train – Vinyl 2LP

Moonlit Train – Vinyl 2LP
Tiawa – Moonlit Train – Vinyl 2LP


A fantastic debut album by the Brighton vocalist Tiawa released on Tru-Thoughts. 'Moonlit Train' draws on influences from soul, 90s hip-hop, pop, and Latin folk that harks back to Tiawa's Portuguese heritage, pure summer vibes.

A1. Saudade (Intro) / A2. Soldiers / A3. Shine Bright / A4. Love Needs You / B1. Can’t Turn Back / B2. From Spirit / B3. Life Is Not A Crime / C1. Sonhos Cor De Rosa / C2. Mountains Of Metal / C3. Mountains Of Metal / D1. Deeper / D2. In the Morning Light / D3. True Friends / D4. Moonlit (Outro)